4 months

Santa is so snuggly!

Santa is so snuggly!

Santa!  I know him!  It’s been so fun watching Norah this year get in the holiday spirit.  I can hardly wait until Addie takes a more active role in the festivities.  We kicked off her fourth month of life meeting Santa.  Addie slept through the whole thing and Norah was her typical smiley self so I’d say it was a success.  As I mentioned in my last post we spent the first half the holiday vacation in Yakima and came back to Seattle Christmas eve to celebrate at home.  Oddly enough As I look back at Christmas photos… we don’t have a single one from Christmas morning!  Part of me is sad but mostly I’m happy to report that instead of trying to get that  “perfect” shot, I sat back and just experienced it.  Addie slept in her bouncy seat off an on and enjoyed various family members laps when awake.  Her “big” gift of the day was a jungle themed play mat that she has made very good use of and enjoys thoroughly.


Toward the end of the month we had many friends and family members join us at church for Adelaide’s dedication.  We feel so incredibly blessed by everyone who supports us.  I’ve said many times, it truly does take a village to raise a family.  Addie was putting on a show with her adorable smiles and adorable outfit.  Of course Phil was part of the dedication, proudly wearing his 12th Man jersey!  Addie’s dedication happened to be the same day as the Seahawks 2nd playoff game… which they won to earn a spot in the Super Bowl!  Go Hawks!


Way to represent the 12th Man Phil!


Of course my favorite part of this month has just been getting to know our little peanut’s personality a little bit better.  She has the same happy disposition as her big sister and thinks Norah is pretty funny.  Chris can also get her giggling as well.  He has the perfect touch with tickling her collar bone.  Addie is still sleeping smack dab in the middle of our bed and wakes up every morning with a huge smile on her face.  Every night I think, “tonight will be the night she moves to the crib” and every night she ends up in our bed.  Oh well, that early morning smile is worth it.  We’ll see when we actually move her out!

The Stats:

  • 17lbs oz (98%)
  • 25 inches (50-75%) So either my mom and I were off on our measuring last month or the doctor’s office was off.  Either way, she’s somewhere between 25-26inches.
  • Size 3 diapers.
  • Size 6-9 month clothes.
  • Lots of giggling and smiling.
  • LOVING tummy time.  She now rolls regularly from her back to her front!
  • Drooling/chewing up a storm.

And a few of my favorite photos:


Enjoying some sunshine!


Watching Norah swing at the park


Favorite spot to enjoy the park, just about ready to fall asleep.


Cooking lesson with Daddy.


Chewing on Mortimer, watching mommy fold some laundry.



3 months


When pregnant with Addie I had many moms of multiples encouraging me that “you just have to make it to 4 months” then things start to click and life seems a little more back to normal.  All I’m thinking right now is, one more month, hopefully!  I guess it doesn’t help that having a September baby means having a 2-3 month old in the middle of the busiest time of year!  Not to mention Thanksgiving was so late this year we lost a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love, love, love Christmas time but I feel like I didn’t really get to enjoy it much this year.  Next year, my goal is to have all my gifts done by Thanksgiving… that’s what I say every year so realistically I don’t think it will happen.  Here’s to hoping though!


Kicking off month three was Thanksgiving, which we celebrated in Yakima.  It was our third trip over the mountains in Addie’s short little life.  I’m determined to make her a good traveler.  So far it’s not too bad, although on our return home we discovered the beautiful lookout point above Elensburg around 9:00pm at night because little Addie Mae had been screaming since Yakima.  Thankfully Norah didn’t seem bothered by Addie and slept through the whole thing!

Addie is becoming much more alert and interactive.  I have a feeling she’s going to need to be quick on her feet with her older sister and cousins constantly circling her.  They love her so much!  Especially Beckett who cannot help but give her little kisses every 5 minutes when we’re with him.  All that love comes with a lot of smothering though.  Play dates at Kendra’s normally means pinched ears (by Norah), poked eyes (by Beckett) and relatively gentle cuddle time with Owen.  She’s going to be one tough cookie.

Norah "feeding" Addie in the bumbo

Norah “feeding” Addie in the bumbo

As of late, Addie has been chatting up a storm.  Normally late at night after Norah has gone to bed.  She’ll take a little “nap” around 8:00pm and wake up ready to play.  This has made life quite interesting for Chris and I while we try to adjust to having a night owl daughter.  Hopefully we’ll get that 11:00pm bed time back down to a more reasonable hour.  In the mean time it’s our best time for conversation and the beginnings of some giggles.  Can’t wait for that to continue!!!!

Month three was capped off by a long haul visit to Spokane.  Kendra, her boys, me and my girls all set out for a trip to Spokane to visit with our cousins and the kiddo’s second cousins.  We had intended on make the trip in one day but there was a slight delay that ended with a stop over in Yakima to switch out both our cars for mom’s van to finish the trip all in one vehicle.  I thought Addie would be the hardest to travel with.  Turns out having a 3.5 year old and a 2.5 year old who have a love/hate relationship sitting within 2 inches of each other and out of reach of the adults can make for a very long car ride.  We survived though and a had a wonderful, albeit, quick visit with my mom’s side of the family.



I hate to say that we didn’t get any photos of Addie while we were there.  All 9 of my grandparent’s great-grandchildren in one spot and we missed the opportunity.  Kendra and I took off early because a snow storm was moving in and it wasn’t a moment too soon.  There was a huge accident on I90 that turned our 3.5 hour drive into a 5 hour drive and both the boys and I got sick in the middle of the night upon our return to Yakima.  Thankfully Addie only had a few extra poopy diapers and no other symptoms that we could tell.  Chris, along with the rest of my family were life savers, I was useless all day and most of the weekend.  They brought Addie to me to feed and took great care of the girls while I recovered.  I’m so thankful for a whole family that chipped in to help out!

And now for the stats:

  • 15lbs 3.2oz (90-95%)
  • 26in (>95%)
  • Smilling
  • “talking” up a storm
  • Starting to giggle
  • Continuing to roll over (stomach to back)
  • Chewing on her hands!

And a few more of my favorites:


Not typical


Our 3 month photo shoot wasn’t terribly successful but there were a few decent ones.


Love snuggle time


First bath in the big girl tub!


Figuring out this bumbo thing!


Mommy and me!


Family outing to see “Dot and Ziggy” followed by a walk around the Seattle Center.


Meeting “Dot” after the show.


2 months


Addie turned two months right at the beginning of holiday madness.  We’ve had so much fun watching her grow and see how she interacts with us and especially Annorah.  Norah has taken on the role of big sister relatively well.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days I imagine she would like to send Addie back to the hospital but you can see how much she loves her… and her “little ears” that Norah is obsessed with!


Month two has had it’s own share of adventures.  Just after her one month mark we celebrated Halloweeen.  Norah was Rapunzel and Addie was a little slice of watermelon.  We went down to Kendra and Luke’s to trick or treat with Owen, Beckett, Avery and Caleb.  It was so much fun and Addie was just content sleeping in the arms of whoever was holding her.


We also took another trip over to Yakima while Chris was on call one weekend.  Grams and Poppy came along as well and we had a lovely visit.  Addie is a much better traveler than Norah ever was at her age.  Either that or we are more experienced parents and have just learned a trick or two.


In other news, we thought we were on the right track for sleeping through the night but hit a little set back when the cold rolled in.  Addie had developed a bit of congestion and the temperature dropped.  This wonderful combination lead to Addie only sleeping while being held, even at night.  Chris and I are fully aware of the hazards of co-sleeping with your child but it was/has been the only way we’ve been getting sleep… not sure how we’re going to break the habit but it works for now!

Moving in to mom and dad's bed.

Moving into mom and dad’s bed.

The stats:

  • 12lbs 13.5 oz (90-95%)
  • Didn’t get her length at two months but at 6 weeks she was 22.25 inches (50-75%)
  • Smiling up a storm
  • Starting to coo.
  • Rolling over!  She has rolled from her stomach to her back a hand full of times during tummy time.  I’m definitely not prepared for an early mover.

Some more of my two month favorites:

Exploring the lake and gathering leaves.

Exploring the lake and gathering leaves.

Snuggle time with Daddy.

Snuggle time with Daddy.

Meeting new friends!

Meeting new friends!

Chillin with Grandpa at Portage Bay Cafe.

Chillin with Grandpa at Portage Bay Cafe.

Mommy and me selfie

Mommy and me selfie

"Daddy, you're so funny!"

“Daddy, you’re so funny!”


Daddy's feet...

Daddy’s feet…


Mommy's dress from when she was a baby.

Mommy’s dress from when she was a baby.

Month One


Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a month!  I thought time flew when Norah was a baby, this month has been a blur!  It’s been so fun watching Addie grow and change.  From about 4 days old the girl has given the most adorable toothless grins.  So much so that Chris looked up whether it was “gas” or there was some other reasonable explanation as to why a one week old can make your heart melt with a smile.  Turns out babies don’t socially smile until about 6 weeks but long before then they will innately smile when they feel pleasure, ie: just falling to sleep, just waking up, full bellies, warm cuddles, you get the idea.  Therefore I’ve determined Addie is one of the happiest babies on earth!

Trying to catch a smile on camera… most of them are blurry.

Trying to catch a smile on camera… most of them are blurry.

Chris took the first week off and my mom stayed with us for the first few nights home.  It was slightly strange adjusting to having an infant in our room again.  It took me about 3 nights to figure out our sweet little peanut had a bad case of reflux. Thankfully at our newborn check up the pediatrician jumped right on it and had us get a wedge made over at Children’s.  That thing was enormous and helped quite well… for a couple of weeks anyway.  The reflux cleared up but the gas bubbles became an issue.  She was literally strapped into a sitting position that didn’t allow her to “work those bubbles out.”  We’ve figured out that if someone is holding her upright she’s happy as a clam and sleeps like a rock… unfortunately that means we’re still not getting much sleep!

Waiting for the wedge to be made at Children's.  Again, trying to catch a smile on camera.

Waiting for the wedge to be made at Children’s. Again, trying to catch a smile on camera.

Addie’s second week of life my lovely grandmother spent the week with us.  It was so nice having her help!  I remember thinking life with a newborn was hard when Norah was born. I had no idea how much harder it would be with a two-year old and a newborn… crazy!  Whether it was entertaining Norah, cooking dinner, folding laundry or taking baby duty at 6:00am, she was a huge help.  Thanks Grams!!!  She even watched the girls one evening so Chris and I could sneak away to a nearby sushi place for a quick date!

Snuggle time with mom

Snuggle time with mom

At two weeks old we set out over the mountain for Addie to meet her two great grandpas and celebrate the life of her other great-grandmother who passed just two weeks before she was born.  The memorial for Grandma was beautiful.  Of course tears were shed but it was so wonderful to see our entire family gathered together again.  I only wish Addie could have met her.  Even though grandma was far from herself in the end, just to have them in the same room would have been meaningful to me.  None the less, I hope I can somehow instill in my girls a small amount of the generous and vibrant spirit Grandma had.

Addie looked like a little pumpkin coming out of the moby.

Addie looked like a little pumpkin coming out of the moby.

We rounded out her first month with a trip to Swan Trails Farm for some pumpkin picking with some friends.  Addie spent the whole trip sleeping in the moby but at 4 weeks old what more could you ask for.  Norah had a great time in the corn pit, going down the slides, jumping on the huge inflatable dome, and riding the cow barrel train.  I’m really looking forward to next year when Addie is old enough to play with Norah.  Here’s to hoping they become best friends!

The stats:

  • 10 lbs 11 oz (95%)
  • 22 inches (50-75%)
  • Outpatient appointment at Children’s Hospital (step in the right direction from Norah)
  • Attended a birthday party at the Children’s museum
  • Went to the zoo (I wish I had pictures)
  • Traveled to Yakima

Some of my other favorite photos from month one:


After bath time


Making faces


More cute faces


Norah’s showing Addie how to do tummy time.


More snuggle time with mommy.


Trying to catch that smile


Norah teaching Addie how to draw.


Snuggle time with daddy at Auntie Kendra and Uncle Luke’s (Just 3 days old).


Welcome to the world Addie Mae!


I feel as though everyone who only has one child asked me “are you afraid you’re not going to love your second child as much as your firsts?”  My answer was always the same… “Not at all!”  Chris and I both fall second in line to older siblings and we feel just as loved by our parents.  In  fact I don’t even remember always wearing hand me downs, or feeling like I had to split time with my parents or grandparents.  One friend told me “your love doesn’t divide among your children, it multiplies.”  That’s exactly how I feel!

Saturday September 21st, 2013 at 5:55am Chris announced, with a bit of surprise in his voice, “It’s a girl!!” and handed me our beautiful daughter, Adelaide Mabel Damman.  That was the day we got to hold Addie Mae in our arms for the first time but we’d been getting to know her over for quite some time.  Getting pregnant was much like the first time around, relatively instant.  We tried to wait and surprise our family in some pinterest worthy way but alas there was a slight complication in the beginning that resulted in us telling them under a not so wonderful circumstance.  Needless to say in the future we’ll reconsider keeping it a secret.


After Norah, we decided we wouldn’t find out the gender of subsequent children until delivery.  I thought it would be more difficult than it was.  The hardest part was trying to figure out what to call the baby in utero without having an assigned gender.  We attempted a few nick names but none of them really stuck.  All along the way EVERYONE had an opinion as to what the gender was.  Random strangers would offer up their unsolicited guess on a daily basis.  Throughout the entire pregnancy by far the consensus was “you’re having a boy.”  I heard everything from, “the way you’re carrying low”, or even “you’re carrying high,” to “I just have a feeling.”  Out of the hundreds of opinions I can count on one hand the number of times I heard “I think it’s a girl.”  All that to say, you never really know until you meet them face to face.

From start to finish I feel like time when relatively quickly.  I imagine that’s because I was chasing a toddler around.  After 37 weeks though I felt like each day crawled by.  Having Norah early set my expectations for early deliveries with each pregnancy.  I know this isn’t always the case although I really wanted it to be.  When 39 weeks rolled around and there were no imminent signs of labor I was happy to allow the midwife help speed things along at my appointment.  She did a little manual procedure of which I’ll spare you all the details.  Thankfully it was effective though and by 3:30 that afternoon I could tell things were changing.  I had a few errands I needed to run and didn’t feel comfortable taking Norah by myself so thankfully Alisha came over to accompany us.  By 5:00pm we were letting Norah play at the U Village and I was definitely having consistent contractions.  Chris called to let me know he was on his way home and I told him this might be it, therefore, I’m not cooking dinner.


We all rendezvoused at home and as Chris took Norah to run and get some Pizza I packed our bags as my contractions grew with intensity.  By 7:00pm I was pretty uncomfortable and somehow still not quite convinced it was really happening.  My parents and Ange were mobilizing on the other side of the mountains just waiting for the word go.  I stuck it out at home until about 9:30pm before calling the midwife.  I had two fears, 1. I would hit transition in the car and 2. I would get to the hospital and they would tell me I was only at 4cm.  I was so relieved to hear Audrey’s voice on the other end of the line.  Audrey and I used to work together at UW before she became a midwife and I moved to the resource team.  She was on maternity leave herself when I delivered Norah so I was really excited to have her there for this one. After a quick over the phone assessment she said come in whenever I was ready.

Our midwife and dear friend, Audrey Allard.

Our midwife and dear friend, Audrey Allard.

Chris and I thought we should try to get some sleep. My goal was then to make it to Midnight but by 11:20pm Chris was done.  Apparently I wasn’t laboring very quietly and Chris was worried we were going to push it too late.  We arrived at just about midnight through the emergency department entrance (the only way in at that hour).  As we waited at the elevator to head up to the birthing center the ED receptionist tried to get me to come back for “a quick assessment and registration.”  That wasn’t happening.  If I was moving, it was in the direction of the birthing center.  She said she’d be right back but Chris and I were done waiting after about 60 seconds and the tech said “let’s just head up.”

While we were getting settled, Audrey was delivering another baby.  All I wanted to know was how far I was dilated so I would have an idea of how long I had to go.  When Audrey finally made it in around 1:00am or so my worst fears were realized when she told me I was indeed only at 4cm.  She tried to be positive and remind me of the progress I’d made over the day but I felt very defeated.  At that point I went to get in the hot tub, unfortunately even there I couldn’t get comfortable and once I started throwing up I decided I was done with the tub and wanted something a bit more effective for pain relief.  At about 2:00am I received my first dose of fentanyl right before heading back to my room.  At about 2:20am I asked when I could have some more… not a good sign.  Unfortunately it would be another 40 minutes before my next dose.  That seemed like an eternity, and judging by my dilation upon arrival and the 30 hour labor I had with Norah I decided I was done with pain, I was exhausted, and it was time for the epidural.  Within 30 minutes the anesthesiologist was setting up and I was having that uncontrollable urge to push.  Audrey asked if I wanted her to check me because it sounded like I was ready to have this baby.  At that point though I had made up my mind, I wanted the epidural, I was done with the pain and I knew that it was far from over (or so I thought).  Audrey and I got pretty personal while I was having my epidural placed.  Let’s just say sitting at the edge of the bed, “as still as possible,”  was not an easy task and Audrey was there, literally giving me a hug.  Once the epidural was in and I was relatively comfortable Audrey checked again, sure enough I was 9cm with my water still intact (side note: I find it ironic that with Norah my water broke as the first sign of labor and this time it wasn’t breaking for anyone).  I had two choices, break my water and have a baby right now or try and rest for a bit before breaking my water.  We decided on the later and told everyone to be there at 5:00am.  There wasn’t a whole lot of rest happening for anyone but I was happy to be pain free.


Mom, Dad, Kendra, Alisha and Ange all arrived just on time while Joey stayed at our place with Norah.  Audrey was in shortly there after and by 5:30 broke my water.  Everything had happened so quickly compared my first labor so at 5:45 when Audrey said “let’s try pushing” I was pretty surprised.  I was even more surprised when only a few minutes later Audrey said “I think we’re going to have a baby with the next contraction.”  Keep in mind my epidural was VERY effective and I couldn’t feel a thing.  Sure enough, at 5:55am, she was here.  It felt like an eternity for Chris to tell me “IT’S A GIRL!”  He sounded both surprised and elated.  Addie let out a couple of good cries then cuddled in on my chest.  It was so glorious to just hold her, look in her eyes, and feel that instant unconditional love.  Chris was being incredibly patient but after an hour a few gentle pleas he finally said “Let me have her.”  He cuddled her for a few minutes before we had her weighed and measured.  She came in at 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long.


The rest of the day was relatively calm.  Everyone stuck around until about 7:30am before heading back to the house to try to get some sleep.  Chris and I just rested and slept.  It was so peaceful.  Later that afternoon, everyone came back in to meet Adelaide and witness Norah’s first encounter.  It was so natural to go from a family of three to a family of four.  I’m so excited to see how Addie will grow and change and how Norah will take over the role as big sister.  Chris is already a natural at being the daddy to two daughters. Watching him with the girls just makes me fall in love with him even more.  As for me, I couldn’t be happier.  I love the relationship I have with my sisters and I can only hope Annorah and Adelaide feel the same one day.


Right after she was born

Right after she was born


Checking out daddy


The look on her face is like “get a room!”


Norah is our future medical professional… istening to Addie’s heart.

IMG_2494 IMG_2514 IMG_2569 IMG_2621 IMG_2674 IMG_2679 IMG_2723 IMG_2769 IMG_2814 IMG_2840 IMG_2843 IMG_2916 IMG_2947 IMG_2982 IMG_3030

Back East for the Fall…

Walking through NYC

So we have only been back to New Jersey once since we’ve been married and even then it was nearly three years ago.  Needless to say we were due for a visit!  October seemed like a good time.  We thought we could capitalize on being back east and head up the coast to visit some good friends in Connecticut and Boston, but first we had to get there.

Making friends in the airport. Annorah LOVED the beads in her hair.

I’m sure every mom says this after a flight with their toddler but I will never fly again with Norah as a “lap child.”  It was a marathon of holding, trying to contain, entertain, and remain sane.  Unfortunately Norah is at the precarious age where curiosity wins out and things only hold her attention for so long.  Not to mention she came down with croup two days before we left.  Thankfully we got some tips (and some prednisone) from our pediatrician.  She told us to bring office supplies (genius!) and pretend like the floor doesn’t exist.  If you let them down to run then the only thing they’ll want to do is walk up and down the aisle.  Although Chris and I are typically anti medications we were desperate and the prednisone did it’s job.  She was drastically better by the time we took off.  I don’t even like to think about what it would have been like had she still been coughing every three seconds and unable to breathe out her nose.

Art lesson with Uncle Robb.

We arrived in the middle of the night and Norah never really switched over to east coast time but we still had a great visit.  The first 5 days we spent in New Jersey with Chris’ mom and Ernie.  Robb and Allyn came up from North Caroline as well.  It was so great getting to spend some good quality time with them!  We took a wonderful walk through the “reservation” just a few minutes from Katie and Ernie’s house.

Having fun hiking with Uncle Robb and Allyn.

So relaxing!

Family photo op.

Taking the train to NYC.

In true Damman fashion though, we packed in as much as possible.  We ventured into NYC for the day Saturday and met up with Chris’ collage roommate Dave and as we hit up some new sites and old favorites!  Dave was kind enough to bring us all Brooklyn Bagel Company goodness that we enjoyed all together before splitting off and meeting up again at New… I mean Nice Green Bo for lunch.  Sometime in the last three years they changed the name on us.  The food was still great though!  Prior to lunch Chris, Dave, Norah and I leisurely walked the High Line and stopped to play at a park along the Hudson.  After lunch we made a quick stop at Rice to riches before heading to the 9/11 memorial.  Even though it was way over budget (the building of the memorial that is) we all thought it was very well done and incredibly powerful.  If you ever have a chance to go I’d highly recommend it.

Walking the High Line

“Nice” Green Bo

First time on the subway… Norah didn’t really know what to think about it.

Foot print of one of the towers.

Sunday was spent catching up with two of Chris’ high school buddies and their families.  It was fun to see Chris reminiscing with John and Dan.  I didn’t come into the picture until way later on in Chris’ life so hearing stories of those years was quite entertaining.  Norah had a wonderful time playing with John and Amy’s boys in the basement.  I cannot tell you how much of a blessing it is to have a daycare in the basement of Katie’s home.  Built in entertainment that’s completely childproof!

John, Chris and Dan

So much yard!

Monday afternoon we headed out to spend a few days with Brendan, Virginia and their incredible boys Arlo and Ziggy.  (Side Story: At dinner on Tuesday night we talked politics with Arlo, who’s 9, and Ziggy made the astute observations that “Having a baby is a lot of work isn’t it?”  Don’t worry folks he’s only 6.)  They all live in East Haddam in a beautiful home that Brendan built.  They’re surrounded by six acres of forest, with an awesome swing set and cats!  Norah was in heaven… and so were Chris and I.  Brendan and Virginia were such gracious hosts even when Norah kept them up pretty much the entire first night (we were still trying to get her switched over to east coast time at that point).  Thankfully the second night was much better.

Looking into a giant kaleidoscope

We had a little extra time on Tuesday afternoon to head over to Chris’ alma mater and visit with his old Professor/mentor Dr. Oliver (aka Don).  Chris has always admired Don and they became more friends than mentor/mentee post college.  Don and his wife even came out to our wedding.  The visit was quick, just an hour or so at Don’s house for tea, but that was plenty long enough for Norah to make her mark with all of their tchotchkes.  Prior to our visit we killed a little time at Kid City which is a magical little place FULL of fun kid friendly rooms to explore.

So cool!


The following day we took a quick day trip up to Boston to see Jeff, Miki and their adorable kiddos Aidan and Elia.  Elia took a liking to Annorah and was incredibly sweet with her.  They both entertained all of us with gymnastics and a puppet show back at the house after dinner.  It was a quick but great visit!  We had some time to kill before dinner so we headed over to the Children’s Museum of Boston.  So much fun!  Norah had an absolute blast and so did we.  They had a room entirely dedicated to bubbles.  We didn’t last in there long because it was quite messy.  Thankfully she was way to interested to see what was coming next to be disappointed.

One last spin around Grandma’s back yard!

We left Jeff and Miki’s at about 8:30 that night to head back to NJ.  I was still in the throes of sinus cold crumminess so Chris drove the whole way back.  We got in at about 2:00am and quickly made our way to bed.  Thursday and Friday were spent relaxing and trying to recover in preparation for our 5:00am flight back to Seattle Saturday morning.  Yes, that’s right, 5:00am which meant getting there at 3:30am, translate to 12:30am Seattle time.  Not fun for anyone let alone a very sick momma traveling with a 15 month old.  I do not recommend flying with a head cold, seriously uncomfortable!  We made it back in one piece though and got back on schedule.  My only complaint: I needed a vacation after returning from my vacation.  From what my other mommy friends have told me that won’t come until the kids are out of the house… here’s to the next 20 years!

Playing catch up…

So… I’ve been slacking on the blog front for a while.  I hit that one year post mark and the drive in me to blog just shut off!  My goal is to get back at it.  Obviously a lot has happened since Annorah’s first birthday.  She’s started walking, talking, and started a new “school.”  We also started swim lessons, had some of Chris’ family out for a visit, and had a new cousin added to the bunch.

Getting ready to hit the pool!

Let’s start with the walking… Norah took her first steps at about 13 months of age.  Now she’s picking up speed and nearly running.  She also had her first train ride that weekend.  Chris and I picked up a living social deal for a historic train ride near Burlington a couple hours north of hear.  It was a nice day as a family and Norah LOVED visiting with all the other passengers but really didn’t seem too impressed with the train.

Talking, laughing, rolling her tonge like wookie…  Annorah has been exploring this world of communication like mad the last few months.  She has more words than I can count and even uses a few three word phrases.  She’s also mastered many animal sounds, not the least of which is a wookie.  My sister’s boyfriend noticed the remarkable resemblence to Chubaka and we’ve since taught her to do it on command.  Oh the joys of parenthood.

I think my favorite part of the last few months has been how much Norah’s personality has really started to show.  She is such a HAPPY girl.  Everyone seems to comment on it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Is she always smiling?” or “Is this just a good day for her or is she always this happy.”  We’ve also enjoyed getting to know the goofy side of her personality.  For example she LOVES to be scared.  We play hide and seek with her on a regular basis during which we jump out of our hiding spot and say BOO!  It always startles her and she loves it.  Her laugh is infectious and we can’t get enough of it!  Chris and I would love to take credit for how much Norah’s brightens up the darkest of days but alas, I think it’s just her personality.  I pray she never looses her joyous spirit!

The last well child check we had was at 15 months so the stats are about a month out of date but here we stand:

  • Height: 32 1/4 inches (91%)
  • Weight: 26 lbs (87%)
  • Shoe size 6.5-7!!!  (Big feet just like her daddy)
  • Tooth count: 12
  • Favorite phrase: “I don’t know.” [insert shrugging shoulders, hands up and wide eyed O face here]
  • Favorite past time: Shoe shopping… Annorah is officially her mother’s daughter and has discovered the wonderful world of shoes.  She absolutely LOVES shoes.  The girlier the better.  Chris did a little experiment and showed her a dark blue and gray pair of boy shoes to which she said “No” and pushed them away only to grab at the sparkly glittered ones.

And now for some of my favorite pictures from the last few months:

Snuggling with Mom

Lounging with Dad

Favorite summer time activity!

Loving cousin Owen’s new back yard this summer.

Holding cousin Beckett for the first time!

Goofing around with Mom

“I don’t Know”

Those penguins are so silly!

Celebrating at my best friend Audrey’s first birthday